Sunday, 29 April 2012

detoxify the mind clutter!

A friend and I have embarked on a detoxification program which I like to do at the start of a new season, to symbolise a fresh start and a clean slate. We all have varying degrees of toxicity in our life - both physically and mentally. We can't expect our body's to get rid of unwanted waste and toxins if we don't engage in some kind of psychological expulsion of negative thought patterns, stress and mind chatter.

A key part of my own personal detoxification program is to mentally expel my stress and speak out my positive affirmations. For example, closing down your mind for just 10 minutes per day and imagining with every breath, you are breathing out negativity, stress, anger, etc. One positive affirmation may be that you will be more patient with people today and be an active listener.

So in addition to the dietary restrictions and chugging down various powders, liquids and tablets, any detoxification should always have an element of addressing the mental aspect. The benefits of this are endless and you will feel more connected to your body, more grounded and it allows your physical body to do what you want it to.     

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