Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mindful eating

Just a little thought for the day on mindful eating - a concept based on the principle of encompassing inner wisdom when choosing what to eat, how you're eating and how the food is prepared. By having this mental awareness of how the food is nourishing your body, the energetics that accompany the food and being aware of hunger and satiety, it supports your physical digestion and assimilation of the food.

Think of two scenarios - one where you are in a rush, you whip up something quick and unsubstantial like processed cereal and milk and scoff it down while on the phone or trying to get ready for work - all while the thoughts of meetings, deadlines and errands to run for the day are clouding your mind. Then think of when you allowed time to prepare for a few minutes a more nurturing meal - maybe some sourdough bread with hummous and sliced tomato or eggs and avocado, your senses take in the smells and sight of such fresh and delicious food, then you sit down to eat, no distractions and relax, chew your food thoroughly and enjoy every mouthful. How do you think your digestive system is responding in these two scenarios?

It is not surprising that many symptoms of bloatedness, excessive hunger, burping, abdominal discomfort and reflux start can be solved with eating behaviour. So take the time to relax, enjoy your meal and gauge when your body is telling you you're full and content.


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