Eight reasons why eggs are eggcellent for you

1. They are full of protein so are a great way to start the day to help to reduce the need for mid morning snacking and afternoon sugar cravings. The protein content is roughly 10-12 grams per two eggs.
2. They are a great source of vitamin A – the orange yolk is indicative of this, there is about 250mcg per two eggs. This is a key vitamin for cellular regeneration, especially for immune, eye and skin health.
3. They are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which is generally deficient in westernized diets. Two eggs contain 114mg omega 3 fatty acids, especially high in DHA which is ideal for brain health, anti-inflammatory in action and especially needed during pregnancy and reproductive health.
4. They are so versatile! Think of all the ways of cooking – poaching, scrambling, boiling, frying (without oil) or as an omelette.
5. A boiled egg makes a good snack to help sustain blood sugar and add extra protein into your diet.
6. They are a good source of choline – a crucial nutrient for the brain and especially for fetal brain development – another reason why eggs are beneficial to consume while pregnant! (Just ensure they are cooked well to avoid salmonella poisoning)
7. They are easy to prepare – poached in a boiling water with a little bit of vinegar or hard-boiled in the shell in under 5 minutes.
8. They are a good source of vitamin B12 and are especially good for women who may not consume a lot of meat or dairy as B12 is crucial for activating our neurotransmitters (such as our happiness hormones) and for cardiovascular health and red blood cell production.  
How do I choose the ideal egg?
Look for certified organic – which means the eggs are from chickens fed organic feed and free range of course, as opposed to caged chickens kept in inhumane conditions. Think of the energetics of the egg and how this will contribute to your wellbeing – happy eggs come from happy chickens!! Caged eggs are also potentially higher in bacteria and pathogens due to unhygienic and unsanitary living conditions. Wray Organics and Flannery’s stores often stock organic eggs from local farmers at a reasonable price.
Eggspelling the myths
A common misconception about eggs is that they raise cholesterol – this has been disproven in everyday individuals who consume a balanced diet of moderate egg consumption. As you can see, there are numerous benefits to consuming a good quality egg, just keep them in moderation and watch how you prepare them (no deep-frying in oil!) 
Another is to avoid egg yolks as they are fatty! This is not the case when consuming two in a serving. If you have two egg whites only, not only will you be missing out on the rich source of nutrients that the yolk provides but also the small amount of (good!) fats which actually help with the feeling of fullness and contentment after a meal and also lower the glycaemic index of the meal. Do not be afraid of this small amount of fat!!