Monday, 16 November 2015

Ice cream that you can have for breakfast!

I am obsessed with this simple dish, OK occasionally we must give in to the gelato or icecream temptation. However, I will give you some negative about regular consumption of icecream:

-It is often high in added refined sugar and saturated fat
-It can be full of artificial ingredients - flavours and colours
-A diet high in dairy can be linked to increased inflammation in the body (including worsening of conditions such as acne and sinus congestion)
-There is limited nutrients being provided 
-Contains next to no fibre

If you want a nutritious and natural alternative, try this recipe. I always have a stash of frozen bananas in the freezer so I can whip this up in minutes.

(makes two servings... or one big one!)

-two large frozen bananas, chopped into 5cm pieces
-dash of water
**optional - can add 1 tbsp of natural yoghurt or nut butter for a creamier consistency**

Blend in your blender until smooth- I have a Ninja which I use daily for grinding, smoothies, etc. 

And that's it.

Now for the interesting part - adding various toppings:
Cacao nibs, toasted coconut, berries, hemp seeds, almonds, toasted sesame, ground cashews, goji berries.

BE creative - I will add the cacao nibs or natural choc chips or even cacao powder and fresh mint leaves into the blender with the bananas, I've also experimented with adding frozen blueberries or raspberries in for a mixed fruit icecream.  

Overall, this could be packed full of nutrients with all the toppings and the fresh fruit. This is why I say you could have it for breakfast occasionally. It will often be my Saturday breakfast after a strong yoga practice, alongside some rice protein powder. 

Have you made up your own combination? Let me know below :) 

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