The Amazing Aloe

Aloe Vera is herb not only used topically but regarded as a whole body tonic that when ingested, has the ability to re-balance individuals who indulge in a lifestyle that burdens the liver (e.g. excess alcohol, stress, ingestion of processed foods),etc. In addition to this, it has immune-enhancing, intestinal soothing and repairing qualities, is an anti-inflammatory and can regulate bowel function. There is even an International Aloe Science Council dedicated to researching and protecting the growth and manufacture of Aloe products and monitoring the Aloe industry!

Most people are able to easily grow an Aloe plant in their backyard or obtain the fresh inner gel juice from most health food stores/grocers. I like to make my own Aloe drink which is preservative free and can keep in the fridge for four to six days. It is cooling and refreshing on very hot days or for conditions that are an indication of excessive heat such as eczema, fever, burns, inflammatory conditions, aches and pains and anger/agitation. Even taken 30 ml in the morning as an everyday digestive tonic is beneficial.

Aloe Drink Recipe

  • Use 3-4 medium stems of the Aloe plant (ensure no blemishes, choose healthy-looking stems)    
  • Wipe away some of the green resin that tends to spill out
  • Cut each stem length ways to 'fillet' the inner gel, don't worry if some of the skin is left on.
  • Cut into 3 cm cubes and put into a clean jug filled with filtered water
  • Refrigerate and allow to macerate for 24 hours before consuming.
  • An option can be to blend up the mix of water and gel in a blender.
  • Drink as is or dilute with more water, can be added to juices too :-)