About Me

I am a qualified Naturopath based in Brisbane, Australia who is especially passionate about nutrition and complementary medicine. I strongly believe good health starts with good food and optimum digestive processes as well as the use of traditional, evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicine where necessary.   
What does a Naturopath do?
Naturopaths support your body’s own innate ability to heal itself whether it is through dietary manipulation, herbal or nutritional supplementation and general lifestyle modification. After seeing a Naturopath, many people are empowered to reach their health goals and have the tools to make positive changes in their life. Everyone is unique and cannot fit a one dimensional health schedule that is often prescribed, therefore thorough health assessment and management with a Naturopath provides an individual approach to your health needs.

What to expect when seeing a Naturopath..

An initial consultation includes questioning current health issues, past medical history, lifestyle, dietary assessment and physical examination such as iris analysis and blood pressure assessment. The role of a Naturopath is to empower and support an individual to achieve personal health goals, the length of time that this entails is often unpredictable due to factors associated with each individual.

The human body is a highly adaptable mechanism however this shouldn't be taken for granted as achieving optimum health is a balance that needs to be constantly maintained.  

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!